What You Can Do In The International School In Ghana

A leading International School in Ghana is second on the list. The school has been established in 2021, being primarily a boarding school and day school. They employ both British and Ghanaian curriculum. They provide top quality education for foreign and Ghanaian students, possessing state-of-the-art teaching facilities to provide world-class education for its students.

The first International School in Ghana was opened in Accra in Ghana. It had a mixed international student body from Britain, Canada, Nigeria, USA, South Africa, Italy and Japan. The Ghanaian government encouraged foreign languages to be taught in the schools and they encouraged other foreign languages and taught the Ghanaian national language. This was to promote unity in the country as well as provide for greater understanding of Ghana culture.

Today there are four main languages spoken in Ghana: Garasi, Kalanga, Setsi and Bambuhu. It is hoped that more languages and cultures will become available to the students from non-English speaking countries who wish to study here. The number of foreign languages is gradually increasing with the increased trade and immigration to the country. The need for skilled personnel in these sectors is also increasing, so it has become vital that all languages are taught in the International School in Ghana. In fact all subjects including cooking, agriculture, engineering, commerce, gardening, photography etc are taught in English in all International School in Ghana.

There is no government requirement for foreign language teachers in any of the Ghana International Schools. This is a great advantage for those wanting to pursue an international education but lack both the time and money to do so. There is a very good choice of private International School in Ghana with many having a reputation for excellent teaching. The International School in Ghana offers many opportunities for exchange between students and teachers especially in the sphere of foreign language teaching. Ghanaian scholars studying foreign languages at International School in Ghana are highly regarded by their international counterparts.

There are around one hundred sixty foreign languages in use in Ghana including Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Thai and so on. Most of these local languages are spoken in rural areas, although some like Setsi and Garasi may be prevalent in the urban areas. The International School in Ghana offers a choice of languages for international students to choose from so they do not miss out on a target group they wish to interact with. This is good news for those wishing to pursue an education in Africa but who don't have the ability or time to study a local language.

Ghanaian International School in Tambola is renowned for its multilingual programme which caters for people of all languages and ethnicities. People of Ghana, Tambola, educated in Ghanaian language enroll at the International School in Tambola and enjoy the best quality education available. They get to interact with their fellow international students and teachers and therefore bond together more closely than with their own community. You will also find many Ghanaians taking an interest in speaking and understanding your language.

The International School in Ghana offers a wide variety of programs for students of all ages. There are specialisation programmes in childcare, health, engineering and so on. They also offer practical lessons in cooking, art, crafts and so on. The International School in Tambola is perfect for students wanting to pursue a degree or diploma in any discipline of study offered at the school. They also offer business and management programmes, so if you are interested in this field you can apply for a job there after completing your education. There are also two other co-curricular activities that make life at the International School in Tambola a very enjoyable experience.

As it is, the International School in Tambola is not just a place where you go to school but also where you live. You will live on the premises of the school but the children that you interact with everyday will be from your home town. This makes it easy for the children to get involved with local events as they will be able to go to events that are taking place in the town but will also be able to go to school in Tambola. All in all, the International School in Ghana is a great place for students to learn and enjoy their schooling. The facilities offered by the school to make life comfortable for the students but also allow them to engage with the Ghanaian community and develop bonds that will last a lifetime. The students are truly spoilt for choice as they have many different programmes to choose from to ensure that they develop the skills and knowledge that they need to further their education.