What to Do on Your NSW School Holidays

With many students now choosing to stay away from summer holidays, the future for Australia's summer holiday calendar looks very bright indeed. However, despite the bumper crop of international tourists during the summer months, demand for Australia's summer holiday season still falls far short of what it might be like. Many students are therefore left feeling a little disappointed that they have missed out on some of Australia's best summer breaks. To help you better plan your summer holidays in New South Wales and other parts of Australia, we have outlined the major NZ summer holidays for both 2021 and 1922. The following is a brief outline of the main NZ summer holidays for both years:

The most popular NZ summer holiday weekends are Christmas and New Year's Day in December. Holidaymakers love to visit both places for the spectacular views of the harbour, the snow capped mountains and the sparkling blue and white beaches. The Christmas period is a particularly busy time, with crowds gathering in the evenings to see Christmas displays at the city's main public park before spreading out into the suburbs to catch some of the evening entertainment. Throughout December, sales rush to get into popular venues such as cinemas, restaurants and department stores to create huge demand for flights and accommodation throughout the nation.

The second most popular time of year for both New South Wales and Australia's summer holidays is February and March. The sun shines and the beaches are lovely and the kids are happy playing on the sand. There is also a very busy public holiday in January, when the national celebrations kick off. Most people head to Sydney or Christchurch for their NZ school holidays around this time, although those who prefer a more remote site may opt for further southeast shores destinations such as Nelson and Kaikoura. Whichever holiday destination you choose to make your New Zealand school holiday dreams come true, you will not regret it. There is simply nothing quite like a good old fashion family vacation.

With the winter holidays behind them, the ideal time for returning to school and preparing for the upcoming school year is now. There are many things to look forward to during the month of February and March for those looking forward to a more relaxed and laid back holiday than a normal school breaks. Both nsw school holidays in January and February offer plenty of things to do including theme parks, sightseeing tours, sporting events and plenty of local shows to enjoy. These are also the perfect times of the year to pick up a new skill or take a course and start working towards your university degree or career.

When looking for a holiday location to book for your next Sydney holiday, you will find that there are many different areas to choose from. If you want to head to the city's beautiful Sydney Harbour Bridge, why not book accommodation close to the water so you can truly enjoy the Sydney experience? If you have children, you will find that the area around Sydney University is the place to be as there are numerous places for them to play and walk about. For those heading further afield, you will find that there are endless suburbs to choose from including the scenic properties around Illawar and Belair in Sydney's eastern suburbs. The properties and beaches here are very picturesque and the children will love to take part in all the activities available.

The last week of April is the most popular period for visiting Sydney and when you book your accommodation, make sure you check whether there is a special school carnival on this last Friday of the month. This is the best opportunity to shop around for last minute deals and save on your trip. It is also the chance to get special offers such as reduced rates, free entrance and parking for students, discounted menus and even bus passes. There are many different events going on in the city during this time so you will need to know what to do if you want to attend any of them.