VIP Voice Review – Legit or Scam Surveys Site?

There are some cash on vip voice review , however these are few and a ways between. not like different paid survey panels, VIP Voice does no longer commonly provide cash. alternatively, members earn points which they can then alternate for entries into sweepstakes or for bids on an auction. each point you use within the sweepstakes is considered an access, so the extra points you placed into the draw the much more likely your threat to win. VIP Voice has a mechanic referred to as the Survey points Booster, that means that the more surveys you whole the more points you earn. for example, your first survey might earn you twenty 5 points, your 0.33 could earn you fifty points, and your 5th might earn you 100 factors.

there is additionally a each day sweepstakes, wherein you can win $a hundred. There are month-to-month sweepstakes with a wider variety of more valuable prizes, together with vacations, electronics and extra. in the auctions, you bid your factors as foreign money. Whoever bids the maximum by way of the quit of the auctions wins the item, and all of the different bidders have their factors returned. points expire after a questionable six months, so make sure you spend them before then.

You Don’t truly Win something

whilst you complete surveys on VIP Voice, you're triumphing the opportunity to go into a sweepstakes or bid on an public sale. You and each different consumer competing have a miniscule hazard of triumphing some thing. And despite the fact that the rewards are efficaciously nugatory, VIP Voice nevertheless simplest sends out one or two surveys a week. Worse still, whilst you are invited to participate in a survey, VIP Voice does not sincerely let you know how a whole lot you'll earn or how long the survey will even take, nor even if you are qualified to take it. You just have to take a threat and wish for the quality, and turn out to be a victim of what may be visible as an underhanded circulate by means of VIP Voice to draw you into a survey that became by no means worth some time in the first region. One disgruntled person recommended that the best man or woman who may want to probable be making a living from VIP Voice are the owners, and known as the factors ‘monopoly cash’.

Entrepreneur irritated and furious with a laptop in a bit office or home

despite NPD and its international status, VIP Voice will most effective take delivery of participants from America and Canada. For survey takers in Europe and Australia, this is a blessing in disguise. if you aren't being rewarded with cash or tangibles, then just what exactly is the motivation to get concerned with VIP Voice? if you are obsessed on completing paid surveys online, there are many other extra financially worthwhile surveys accessible that you can fulfill your interest on.

if you Do Win whatever, it would Take Years

To VIP Voice’s credit, a number of the public sale prizes are extremely appealing. at the time of writing, a 55” HDTV, a Caribbean holiday and an extremely thin pc are up for grabs. these prizes are also extremely high-priced, the pinnacle bidders having stored up for a completely long time so one can bid for them. Do you want to complete surveys for years and years just so you can maybe have a danger of prevailing a brand new wicker patio set? by means of getting a component-time process or establishing another road of earnings, you could shop up the vital price range in a fragment of the time and you wouldn’t must compete with all people else both. Even the cheaper, much less suitable items like present cards require users to keep up for weeks and months for you to even stand a hazard of triumphing.

Many former participants of VIP Voice have said that they have got spent actually years at the site completing surveys within the hopes of triumphing some thing. Many have by no means gained whatever, one user disclosing that he become abandoning VIP Voice frustrated and empty-surpassed after spending almost eight years on the panel. different customers, although still energetic, had been at the cusp of leaving.


There are a number of terrible surveys accessible that don’t reward you lots, however at the least they praise you with something. VIP Voice simply tantalizes it’s customers with the prospect of rewards, stringing them alongside until they've had enough. user anecdotes are supported with the aid of the reality that most of the prizes on offer do no longer have winners indexed. A user may collect and input huge quantities of factors, but the chances of them triumphing something stay narrow.

You Get advertised At

Many VIP Voice customers have noticed that the various surveys that they complete are identical to one another. The identical questions, time and again and all over again. finishing paid surveys isn't the most thrilling paintings, but this is actually pushing it. the general consensus among reviewers is that those surveys are getting used to market it in preference to to definitely pick out consumer evaluations.

Your Responses may not Even matter

although money may be the primary incentive for maximum users and the surveys might be quick and smooth to finish, it is disheartening to know that the thoughtful and honest solutions being given aren't being used for whatever. If that is genuine, then VIP Voice might be rightfully referred to as a scam. They might be deceiving their customers, and the truth that they wouldn’t also be paying you for your time is just salt within the wound.

Enterprise fraud

That is not to say that every one of their surveys are doing this all of the time. On their website, VIP Voice proudly links to media coverage of studies most effective made feasible with the help of their patron panel, and stresses that their contribution is crucial. however, the prospect of this going on even once in a while is scary, a concept corroborated by means of the fact that VIP Voice does not seem to test if responses are steady or reliable. you can click sure for the duration of an entire survey after which click no throughout another, however if every body at VIP Voice notices they do now not appear to care. you can nonetheless complete surveys and VIP Voice will praise you with the normal amount of points than if a person had responded the questions with authentic sincerity.

They hold terrible company

one of the marks of a much less than stellar survey website online is that they outsource. whilst surveys do that they no longer have complete control over how they're perceived. Knowingly or not, they relinquish a number of that control to 0.33 events, third parties who do now not constantly keep themselves to the identical standards. In time, this may damage a survey website’s recognition.

VIP Voice is probably one such survey site, as they outsource many of their surveys to Toluna. Toluna is one of the largest paid survey agencies obtainable, but they're infamous within the online studies community for his or her customer support (or lack thereof) and excessive delays. they may be rated 2nd from ultimate through Survey Police, slightly clearing stars with over three hundred consumer evaluations. VIP Voice even have a disappointing stars, and are rated tenth from closing on Survey Police. thinking about that there are over 250 survey sites considered on Survey Police, that is a damning indictment, and one wherein Toluna and other third parties nearly virtually play a element.

it'll wreck Your Friendships

If one in all your pals shows becoming a member of VIP Voice thru a link that they ship you, that man or woman is probably no longer your pal. aside from the uncommon cash survey on the web site, VIP Voice additionally has a referral application wherein you may earn a few greenbacks for anybody who joins via your hyperlink. customers aren't recommending VIP Voice because they think it's far a in reality suitable paid survey, they are recommending it because it's far one of the few approaches to make money on the site. The problem is even if you did adopt this unscrupulous approach, you wouldn’t make very much money. So please, don’t be that character.

It’s now not All terrible

VIP Voice might be bad, but it’s now not all bad. The site does no longer ask on your credit card facts, neither will it price you to participate – sturdy signs and symptoms that it's miles, in spite of the entirety, legit. despite the fact that the web site might also provide meager rewards, they do not bombard your inbox with spam and that they seemingly do not reveal your non-public information to everybody else. while the surveys aren’t advertising and marketing at you, they’re reportedly reasonably exciting, with subjects like software, song and generation, among others.