Short Story Writer

Emmanuel Olowe is a New York based short story writer that writes a variety of fantasy and science fiction books in addition to the more traditional mystery and crime fiction books. He is best known for penning the novels "The Witch's Pupil" and "The Scorpion's Bite." Many other authors such as Neil Gaiman, Sue Grafton, Meg Roaches and Anne Rice have also produced novels featuring characters from the Old Testament. As one of the top New York writers, Emmanuel Olowe has become known as a short story writer that incorporates magic, gods, demons and the unknown.

Olowe has written several novels that are available in both the eBook format as well as the hard copy version. One of his more popular books is "The Scorpion's Bite." This is an excellent novel that Olwee creates using an intricate plot line that is full of mystery and intrigue. Olwee adeptly weaves this story within the ancient myths and legends of the Bible. The main character is a young boy who lives in a small village that is struck by lightning and is visited by a white serpent that tries to kill him.

The novel quickly establishes the boy's identity but also maintains the reader's attention throughout most of the book. Olwee manages to pull off an exceptionally successful short story writer's job by creating something that not only holds the reader's attention, but also manages to give them some great laughs as well. The short story features several characters including the parents of the boy, two sisters, a witch, and even Satan. This adds humor to an otherwise serious story and makes "The Scorpion's Bite" an enjoyable read.

As with most of Olweez's short story works, "The Scorpion's Bite" does have some very realistic aspects about it. For instance, one of the characters, the mother, attempts to cure her son of a serious disease. She prescibes medicines that, apparently without much success, causes the boy's condition to worsen. When she realizes that the medicine will not prevent death, she immediately makes the decision to murder her son instead. Although the actions of the mother in this particular story may seem drastic, they are still found to be justified.

The short story writer has the opportunity to explore different themes in his or her work. While most short story writers limit themselves to one, or sometimes even two, themes to work with, Olweez expands his writing career to include a variety of interesting characters. He creates interesting characters by including traditional elements such as religion, royalty, and a love interest for one of his characters. This broadens the scope of Olweez's work and ensures that he will continue to write for many years to come. This is especially true with "The Scorpion's Bite".

There are many reasons that a short story writer might want to begin his or her career by writing for children. For one, most children enjoy short stories. Children also have the capacity to draw easily and follow what the main character, usually the mother in the story, does. Another reason that short story writing might be appealing to a child is that a short story allows the child to explore new ideas and concepts. With that said, it is important for parents to remain clear and open minded when their children read. In doing so, you will be able to entertain your child and give him or her something fun to read that will make them laugh and learn at the same time.