How to Make an Easy and Tasty Beetroot Rita

Beetroot Raita, a sweet beetroot soup, is a traditional dish from the Southern part of India. Beets are used in Indian cooking since ages for various soups, stews, and curries. In our time in India, this beetroot recipe is more popular than ever. beetroot is a root of medicinal value, which has been used for centuries both for its medicinal value as well as for its colour.

Beetroot Raita recipe is an extremely healthy and tasty recipe that you can make in an instant pot or in the inner saucepan of your slow cooker. This is an excellent way of preparing a nutritious and healthy meal to keep fit. The beetroot raita recipe is a creamy soup that is deliciously served with steamed broccoli, peas and cauliflower. Best side dish for steamed rice or biryani.

The beetroot raita recipe is a combination of several spices like ginger, turmeric, coriander powder, fennel seeds, cinnamon, cardamom seeds, cloves, black pepper, ginger powder, fenugreek leaves, and bay leaf. They are all good sources of antioxidant which helps in protection of the human body against free radicals. All these ingredients have their own characteristic properties that make them good sources of antioxidant. These ingredients also help in improving digestion and reduce cholesterol level. Therefore, they are extremely good food for heart patients.

To make a beetroot raita, the recipe combines cream of coconut milk, gram flour, cubed sugar, and rock salt. You can also use curd and yogurt to prepare this delicious dessert. If you have made curd using yogurt, replace it with curd made from gram flour instead. If you are not much good at cooking, you can use cottage cheese in place of sugar. This will be great as an alternative to sugar for curd.

This spicy dish is served with plain rice or biryani, along with some fresh green vegetables. To make beetroot wait, first you need to prepare curd, squeeze out the fresh beetroot juice, add tomato paste to it, cumin seeds, coriander powder, rock salt, and turmeric. Then, add few drops of pink color (more of a red color if you are using pink color) of the mustard oil. Mix it well with the gram flour.

Then, you can add your preferred Indian spices to the mix. Some of the popular Indian spices you can use are: red chili powder, black cardamom, cumin powder, cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, and kaju gram. You can also choose to omit these ingredients if you do not like their flavor. The final step is to boil the mixture in two cups of water. Serve with your favorite Indian dessert and you will definitely love beetroot raita recipe.

To make this healthy meal a six-course meal, you need to start with the appetizer course. An example of appetizer course you can consider is grated beet and cream cheese on plain yogurt, which you can serve along with this beetroot raita recipe. You may also like to start serving this delicious meal with some steamed vegetables, which you can also place on top of your beetroot data with cream or yogurt.

After the appetizer course, you can start on the main course meal. First you need to prepare the ingredients and then cut the cooked beetroot data into wedges. Place the peeled beetroot slices on top of your raw beets and spread some sauce on top. Serve with some basmati rice and serve yourself a yummy meal!

Next, you can add some steamed raw beets to your curry. Add coconut milk and sugar on top of the steaming raw beetroot mix. Stir and enjoy your delicious meal. If you want to make this tasty curry in a pressure cooker, simply follow the recipe as given above. Just go through all the steps mentioned above and enjoy a scrumptious dinner.

Last but not least, we have some Sunflower seeds and peanuts. Create a delicious and healthy salad with steamed green peas, roasted beetroot, roasted peanuts, crushed walnuts, puffed sunflower seeds and chopped peanuts. This delicious salad is extremely easy to make and it goes best with steamed basmati rice and plain yogurt.

You may need a couple of teaspoons of black mustard seeds or dried red chilies to add a little kick to the data. Heat oil and fry shallots or dried red chilies until they start giving out a scent. Then, sprinkle them all over the surface of the beetroot along with the beetroot. Serve chilled or at room temperature and enjoy your delicious Raita.