Government Job Vacancies

Job Vacancies

Do you want to work in the government? You have two options to look for government job vacancies. One is by doing direct hiring and the other is to apply for jobs in government institutions via job portals, newspaper ads and on websites. There are a few things that you should know when looking for government job vacancies. These include the qualifications and the requirements of the position.

There are basically two categories of Government job vacancies: public sector and civil services. Public sector jobs are posts in the government institutions like your local government. Candidates chosen for these jobs are recruited on public service terms and conditions of employment. Civil services are the jobs in government organizations like colleges, universities, health institutes, labor unions, government agencies etc that do not require any specific term or condition of employment. Hence the number of government vacancies available for such jobs is much fewer.

When looking for government job vacancies in government institutions, you must look for jobs that do not require any specific term or condition of employment. Some of the jobs that do not require any fixed term of employment are the following. Health Care position - This is the best government job vacancies for those who are interested to work directly with physicians and surgeons in health care units. You will have the opportunity of interacting with people at different stages of their lives.

Education position - There are government jobs for teachers and other professionals who can teach students ranging from kindergarten up to Senior Secondary School. There are also vacancies available for principals, vice-rectors, registrars, inspectors, school directors etc. Education is one of the sensitive posts that requires strict guidelines. Hence you should be ready to face rigorous interview sessions and a tough examination process for the post of education director or principal.

Law - Government jobs like this entail very less rigid working hours as compared to others. You can choose from various government jobs in this domain. You can be a legal secretary, barrister's clerk, solicitor's assistant or even a judge. You just need to be above 18 years of age, have a sound knowledge of the English language and pass a successful law exam. Though there are no government jobs for judges, but if you are good enough then you can become a judge and display your talent in the court.

Medical Staff - One of the latest government jobs vacancies is for medical staff. The requirements of this post are many and can include doctors, nurses and even medical technician or laboratory technician. To apply for such a post, you will need to clear the entrance exam. Though there are some hospitals and healthcare groups that allow their employees to choose from their existing group or of staff, you can search for jobs in hospitals and private healthcare groups which will give you an opportunity to showcase your skills.

Non Civil Service Vacancies - Government jobs in the civil service's category include several vacancies such as dental assistants, paralegals and language translation specialists. These job titles require you to have excellent communication skills along with a good grasp of English. Though these government job vacancies have limited openings, but they do not require any certification. So, if you have the aptitude and are skilled in the language then you should consider these government vacancies.

Another option of looking for government jobs is to look for online vacancies. There are many government agencies and organizations such as the NHS, GSA and the MHA that regularly update their website with job openings. You can also search for a government job vacancies mygovhk which maintains a central database of vacancies and qualifications. You can register with this website to receive notifications of career related openings and new announcements of civil service posts.