Gangnam Massage - A Sensual Massage For Your Body

In 1992, the director of 강남안마 Shop was in town to visit the Wonju Hospital. He was introduced by a taxi driver. He was Cho Soon-man, the owner of Gangnam Massage Shop. Mr. Cho Soon-man introduced Gangnam Massage to the hospital.

He explained that this kind of therapy uses more than just massage strokes. This type of therapy combines acupuncture and other oriental medical practices. It also includes manipulation of the neck, wrist, elbows, shoulders and even the face and ears of the patient. This works to restore health and balance to the individual by increasing the body's energy flow.

Cho Soon-man explained that he learned how to perform this therapy from an experienced acupuncturist. Acupuncturists are the ones who are capable of using acupuncture needles to perform a variety of treatments. The manager will place the needles around the body according to the areas of pain or discomfort. When the needle is placed correctly, it can stimulate the nerves and promote healing in a natural way. Acupuncturists use this method on both the injured and uninjured area of their patients.

Cho Soon-man and his assistant unbuttoned the patient's shirt and performed a gentle stroke on the lump above the right ear. This massaged lump released a strong flow of blood. This massaged lump then went away within a few minutes. After this experience, Cho Soon-man and his assistant thought that this technique must be beneficial to the patients. So they began to offer this massage at various places.

The success of this massage encouraged them to open up their business and open up a branch in a nearby city. They named it Gangnam Massage Studio. This way, they could easily expand their work. They offered this massage at no cost and with few tips for those who would volunteer to give a Gangnam massage. In less than one month, they already had many clients.

The next day, the whole class went for a vacation. As they were going to explore other spots, Cho Soon-man noticed that there was a playground right outside the spa. He and his student were about to go there when suddenly they were stopped by the park's manager. The manager informed them that there were permission slips for playgrounds. Since the playground was opened and running, the manager told them that they could continue on their vacation, but they need to apply for the required permits first.