Fashionable Techwear

In short, techwear is athletic gear filtered via a new fashion lens. It's rooted in modern sporting technology, practicality and an innovative aesthetic, but still with an edge-in spite of being rooted in urban environments. That last piece is what differentiates it from normal outdoor apparel.

Techwear brands such as Techwear Inc. (worship) produce some of the most cutting-edge athletic gear around. Their line of tech trousers, vests, shorts and jackets combine high tech fabrics with cutting-edge design. The brand slogan, "Your move, but ours" is a clear reference to their line of vests and shorts that are both functional and stylish. The brand has a very distinct aesthetic, though. They're rooted in street wear aesthetics with a bold street presence, but still have cutting-edge design. Here's a rundown of their most popular products:

Tech Vest - Made of lightweight but breathable nylon fabric, the vest offers a lot of versatility in a streamlined package. Some of their more popular models include the DEFY Tech Vest and the DEFY Hydride techwear vest. Other budget options include the DEFY Elite vest and the Reconfigured Hydro vest. They make a variety of utility and sports utility belts that can be worn in a variety of environments including work, school or anywhere else.

Tech Tee - Made of durable nylon mesh, the tech tee is the go-to option for utility and fashion apparel. Available in full-length or half-length, it can be used as a utility vest, to accentuate your job a bit or as a fashion top. They're typically available in a range of colors and with a wide range of prints. They also come in basic colors like black and grey or more contemporary colors like blue and grey. This type of techwear is best suited to a casual job or even an everyday casual dress outfit.

Tech Shoes - Stylish tech shoes offer the same benefits of utility and style as the vest. Offering comfort, traction, and utility, they are perfect for any day or night activity. They are made in a wide range of styles and colors and are easy to pair with almost any outfit. Common styles include combat shoes, casual sandals, athletic shoes, and dressy boots. Other alternative techwear outfits include brightly colored jackets, brightly colored coats, and heavy-duty gloves and hats. Since they are fairly neutral colors and generally blend well with most separates, they make great layering pieces for an individual piece of clothing.

Tech Pants - The techpants are the all-purpose 'all-in-one' outfit. You can use them for whatever you need them for. The most common style is a regular mid-rise cut with cargo pockets and elasticized waist control. You can also find them in cargo, low rise, and dressy cuts. They give you versatility in terms of where and what you put them on because you can be equally matched up with a uniform shirt or with a pair of jeans or leggings.

Tech Glasses - This trend is all about mixing techwear with fashionable fashion accessories. Many tech glasses will incorporate trendy pieces from the fashion line of the brand they are wearing. Tech glasses are not only useful in terms of covering your eyes when attending meetings but they also provide the utility with their anti-fog feature that keeps dirt and other eye-related concerns at bay.

Techwear is the all-around solution for a modern professional. The fabrics used are water resistant, durable, and allow for a range of functionality. These outfits can be dressed up or down depending upon the occasion. These are not just functional items but techwear that can change the way you look, feel, and even think. If you want to stand out in a crowd, mix your techwear with other street fashion trends and brands like Diesel, Apple Bottoms, and Phat.