Decorating With Plants - A Quick Guide

One of decorating terms EVER lost favor was someone describing a grouping of home plants on a stand as a "plant gang." Since then, that concept has been replaced with another which is equally attractive. These days, you have a great many options for decorating with plants. The term "plant gang" no longer refers to a grouping of plants but now refers to one theme that incorporates plants of various heights, shapes and colors.

Cascading style is one concept that is commonly used to decorating with plants. In this decorating with plants idea, low light plants are cascading downward from the central support or stem. This type of decorating with plants works well if you have a tall and skinny living room. If your living room is long and narrow it does not work as nicely.

In some cases, interior decorating with plants has evolved into a way of interior decorating with plants that I call "Herb Garden." With this style of decorating with plants, you can decorate your house in a herb garden style. A number of different types of house plants are considered herbs. Some examples are basil, mints and thyme. All these types of herbs can be used to decorate your house in a manner similar to an herb garden.

Other examples of indoor plants used for decorating with plants are ferns and succulents. Ferns add a touch of elegance to any decorating with plants approach. They are best used to accent a formal area such as a dining room. On the other hand, succulents such as hydrangeas and lava lamps add color and charm to other decorating with plants methods.

Interior decorating with plants also involves the use of window coverings. Window treatments that help protect the interior of a house are popular. These treatments can be used on windows in a room that will be used as a bedroom or bathroom. Plant pot holders are other types of window treatments that help protect plants from damage. The type of plant holder you use will depend upon the species of the plant you have chosen to decorate with plants.

One of the advantages of decorating with plants is that they save a lot of time. A gardener can spend a lot time on the things he needs to do for his garden if he does not have plants. However, some people do decorate with plants because they like the look of them. Some people like to decorate with plants and spend a lot of time and money on them. In many cases, these people who spend so much time and money on decorating with plants, find it rewarding when their garden is finished and they have very few problems with weeds and diseases.

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