Customer Retention - How a Electrician Can Increase His Success

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There was an article in the ΗΛΕΚΤΡΟΛΟΓΟΣ ΑΘΗΝΑ (Ga. Times-Herald) about the Electrician's "First Job." His was cleaning the ducts at a retirement community. Sounds like something you might not want to do as an Electrician. But, when there is a life behind that duct work, it makes it all worthwhile. So much goes into keeping things up and running smoothly.

"My day began on a rainy, cold day. I arrived at the facility around noon. There were dirty, filthy rooms that smelled like urine. With barely a handful of people in the building, I had to go from room to room, explaining that I was the Electrician. By the end of the day, my patience had worn thin."

"I had just gotten home from a hard day on the job when I received a call from the customer. She told me she had turned down an electrician because he did not show up on time. I asked her if she could give me her number so I could call her back. She replied, 'I'm not going to give you my number unless you give me your job."

"To protect myself, I gave her my card and told her to call me if she ever needed anything from me again. Two weeks later, a customer called with a very urgent problem. I told her to give me a call. When she did, I explained what had happened and asked her if she would rather have me come to her house to fix the problem. She said she wasn't comfortable with me coming into her house to work on her furnace.

"I tried to explain that there were only a few of us Electricians in the area and that I was the only one who could handle her problem. "This customer became very upset. She screamed to me, "You're not going to make her happy, you're going to kill her child!" She left without buying any service from me that day. The entire incident made me scared to approach customers anymore. It was definitely a lesson in customer service."

Many Electricians have faced horrible nightmares. Customers can become upset with an Electrician because the Electrician does not show up on time or does not deliver equipment safely. Other Electricians may have been hurt by faulty equipment. One customer recently wrote on a forum that she felt "ostracized" by the Electrician she used. How often have you heard of a person telling the Electrician they will be on their case next week?

The worst case scenario is that a customer will deal directly with the Electrician and tell the Electrician to "do better" or "fix it". Some customers are so angry at an Electrician for not performing that they will tell everyone in the shop that the Electrician is incompetent. How many times have you heard "He does not listen to me, he does not care about me - I should go to my neighbor and ask him to fix it"? The truth is that most Electricians do care about their customers, but unfortunately, many do not.

The Electrician has got to know his/her customer. Even if you are dealing with a very nice person who is highly upset about a problem, the Electrician must recognize that the customer is upset and that it is not personal. How many times have you heard a line like "You are such a pain in the butt" or "I wish I had never allowed you in here"? The Electrician has got to learn to turn away those customers who use abusive language.

As an Electrician it is your job to extend a helping hand to those customers who need our help. It is your job to refer the customers who need to be taken care of to another Electrician who is qualified to solve their problem. You cannot just wait for the next repair person to show up and expect the customer to refer you. You will only get one chance to make a good referral. If you take a bad job or give bad service, you will be perceived as the reason why the customer is unhappy with his/her electrician.

Take the time to thank the customer and leave a good impression on them. You will become more credible with each new customer that you serve. Customers like staying as long as possible with someone they feel comfortable with. By taking the time to really extend their skills, you are showing your customers that you truly care about the job you are doing.