Custom Coffee Mug Advertising

Custom coffee mugs are an ideal promotional giveaway. They appeal to people's sense of style and individuality. They can be used at work, at home, or anywhere - people love them because they are so versatile. If you want to use them as promotional giveaways for your next trade show or convention, there are a few tips you need to follow.

#1: Always Make sure your Custom Coffee Mug is Portable. Many people are constantly on the go and don't have time to just sit down and enjoy a good cup of coffee. They might not have the time to lay down, drink it, and then decide what to do with it afterwards. With that in mind, if you imprint your company logo on a durable, portable travel mug, you'll get the most exposure possible. A photo mug with your favorite photos will help your loved one remember you every time they look at the mug.

Another thing to consider when custom mugs are being printed is the material they are made from. Ceramic mugs are great because they won't get crumpled up after being worked with for a few hours. Plastic mugs are also durable, but they are unable to withstand consistent usage. To ensure that your customers won't be able to see the printing, choose a material that is see-through, and will not fade after prolonged use.

The size of your custom mugs is important. If you are handing out promotional mugs to a lot of people, you will want to make sure that each one will fit in your purse or wallet. Make sure that the mug is roomy enough to hold a substantial amount of information. Keep in mind that the bigger your mug is, the more memory it has so provide your clients with a few pages of information to put into the mug.

Personalized Coffee Mugs offers a great way to advertise without spending a lot of money. Any professional company can benefit from using them. You can print your company logo, or have it engraved, and have it come to you in the mail. You can even personalize the mugs with pictures of your favorite celebrities or sports teams. Your customer will love getting a personalized coffee mug with their favorite photos printed on it and will keep it as a reminder of your business for years to come.

Find a great website that offers all kinds of custom mugs, including custom imprinted mugs. You'll find a variety of different colors and materials to choose from, and you'll have your business name or logo available. Order your coffee mugs online today and get your promotion started. Who knows, your business might just grow to be the next big thing!