Coastal Light Fixtures

For homeowners looking to add a hint of southern hospitality to their new coastal living space, coastal light fixtures may be just the thing. In the warmer months, these light fixtures provide an easy and affordable way to bring a sense of the sea to the deck and patio. While the warmer months make it possible to enjoy the outdoors year round, the winter months can often leave people shivering. Fortunately, coastal light fixtures can provide the warmth that is needed to enjoy the great outdoors during those colder months.

Coastal light fixtures are usually available as a part of a package of other outdoor lighting. There may be specific chandeliers or pendants that are included in the package, and depending on the provider, many of these fixtures are available for use with a variety of home lighting schemes. A popular choice among many is the use of a coastal-themed chandelier.

One of the most popular coastal light fixtures for use in the kitchen and dining room is the hanging bifold candle chandelier. As its name suggests, these are typically hung from either a rod on the wall, or via a special hooks attached to the ceiling. The actual light fixture is affixed directly to the rod, which allows for easy placement and easy removal. If this style is being used as an accent piece, the actual light fixture may be affixed to a secondary table. Because this type of light fixture requires no permanent installation, they are perfect for small patios and kitchen counters.

Another popular choice among coastal light fixtures is the use of contemporary pendant lights. Similar to the style of the bifold candle style, these also require no permanent installation and can be easily moved. Pendants generally feature a modern design that is reminiscent of classic Victorian style lighting fixtures. They feature a single cord with a metal shade that is wrapped around the exterior of the tube. Many of these coastal chandeliers are designed to hang on walls, while others may be installed in pairs along a patio or poolside railing.

In terms of functionality, coastal style lighting provides a number of functions, including task lighting, ambient lighting and accent lighting. Typically, when using coastal style light fixtures, you will want to place them where they are visible and noticeable, such as above a counter or ceiling. However, if a chandelier is being used as an accent piece, it may be necessary to place them in areas that are less prominent. As an example, instead of placing a pendant light over the dining room table, it may be more effective to hang a floor lamp in the space.

When selecting coastal light fixtures, it is important to keep in mind the overall design theme of the room. Since coastal chandeliers are usually hung from walls, you will want to coordinate the actual light fixture with the overall design of the room. If the design incorporates a lot of wood or iron, you will want to choose a style that complements the look. As an example, if your room features an ocean-themed theme, you may want to choose a capiz chandelier or kangaroo head light. If your decor is inspired by the beach, you may also want to select an umbrella-shaped light, perhaps in the shape of a starfish, or perhaps a nautical-themed lamp.