Beach Clean Up Tips

Here s what you should do in advance to properly organize your beach clean up event, with the goal of making the occasion as enjoyable and safe as possible. Plan Your Event As the low tide is beginning to go out, pick a day with no shower. That way you can minimize the chance of trash accumulating in high tides. Once it begins to rise, trash will be exposed and more likely picked up by sea life.

The right tools are critical for proper beach clean up and trash removal. A beach broom with soft bristles and a scoop is crucial, as is a large beach bucket with a handle. Choose non-skid debris bags to make cleaning up easier. You may also use sea foam, which mops up much of the debris, but doesn't have to be washed. Sea foam can be shredded, which makes it more biodegradable, and used again to clean up. Don't forget to put your trash bags into the hopper or trash can, which will help you track down and recycle the rest of the debris onsite.

Beach debris like sand, shells, toys, and fallen leaves need to be bagged and taken to the shore for beach clean up. Get rid of sticks, rocks, and anything else that is not nailed down or that will get in your way. Have a neighbor pick up small children and their toys from the shore. Have a fire extinguisher on hand for any other unventilated areas that may catch fire. It's also a good idea to enlist the aid of neighbors, friends, and loved ones when conducting beach clean up.

If you are doing beach clean up in the evening, take some time before dark to sort through all of your trash. Be sure to separate glass, cans, and bottles. Make a list of the items you plan on keeping, and take those to the beach. When you arrive, sort your trash out by type (glass, cans, etc.) and take it to the beach with you. Having all your trash together will make it easier for you to remove the pieces when it's time.

The best thing that you can do when it comes to beach clean up is to have fun. This is your first chance to relax and enjoy being on the beach. Rather than worry about what beachgoers might be doing or going to do, just go with nature and have a good time! It's great exercise as well and will really help you clear your head. There is no better way to clear the beaches of all your trash than by having fun, playing in the sand, and just enjoying yourself.

Many beaches have lifeguards on duty. You should notify the life guards of any beach clean ups that you are planning to participate in. They will be able to direct any cleanup volunteers to the beach where it is safest for them to clean debris and empty trash cans. Some beaches even offer this service for free, so you may want to inquire about what options you have for receiving assistance for free.

Once you have finished beach clean ups, don't forget to pay attention to any other debris that you may have missed. Graffiti is one of the worst things for anyone to get into, and you should always pick up any graffiti within your path. The city does its best to clean up graffiti, but it is often left behind. You can help prevent this by picking up any debris that you see that has been tagged. Sometimes, the tag isn't very noticeable until it has become faded over time. If you see any graffiti on a vehicle, the city will often clean this out of the sight of the public in order to protect the integrity of the streets.

Although many beaches will try to discourage people from using their beaches to go and clean up their trash and debris, they do need the help of people like you. There are many things that people tend to leave behind on the beaches that will cause much more trouble if they aren't cleaned up immediately. Make sure to take care of all of the trash and debris that you find on the beaches, and you can help ensure that you always have a great summer by being responsible with your trash and debris. After all, beaches are great places to relax and enjoy the sun!