5C Marketing Analysis for Eddie Marketing

Nature headquartered; founded in 2006. Our core values are: "Integrity, Community and Responsibility", We strive to build a better tomorrow for our Employees, Customers and Our planet. Our mission is simple, We Are People. Eddies Marketing provides Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC) Management, Online Reputation Management and Social Media Optimization (SMO). With the technology we have in today's Internet world, we need to continually be educating our people on the many ways that they can help Earth. Our new Digital signage, which is called Eddie Media Stands combined the two main technologies of today; Flash and Video, will educate our peoples without the negative environmental impact.

Our primary objective for all of our marketing efforts is to reach our target segment and expand our customer base. We understand that everyone does not share the same views, but we do our research to find common ground between our company and our customers. It is important for all of us to become a part of the local community, follow the news and become active in all of the various groups. One of the best ways to do this is to participate in your local chamber of commerce. Our job is to provide our target segment with the information, that they need to make an informed decision. It is also important for us to remember that each person in our company represents a diverse population and it is vital that we all work together in order to make sure that our company and brand are heard over by those within our industry.

The next step that we take in the development of a marketing plan is an attraction analysis. It is important to know what we are looking for within our target segment to help with the creation of a value proposition. An attraction analysis will help to determine the keywords, slogans and images that will be included on all of our promotional materials.

Next we create the message and turn it into a story that speaks to our customers on a personal level. In essence, it is how we relate to them. We will identify the fact that we value the opinion of our customers and attempt to collect their opinion as well. The 5c marketing analysis methodologies that we use are the story, the value proposition, the preparation of the message and the distribution of it. It is important to remember that the story is not the primary selling point of our new product, but rather, is a means to get our new customer interested enough to want to see the product.

In order to execute our Eddie Marketing strategy, a marketing plan has to be developed. This marketing plan should include the overall marketing plan, but also identify each area of focus within our Eddie Marketing mix. As mentioned previously, it is important for us to become active within our local chamber of commerce, but also look to our competitors to get feedback on what they are doing to build their brand in our local community. In addition to that, some of our marketing managers new product teams look to other organizations within our industry to see what is working for them, as well.

The final step is to develop the value proposition that we will be using to communicate with our new customers. Within this value proposition we will highlight everything that we believe their lives will be better with, as well as why we believe they need us. Once this concept is developed and the marketing mix is finalized, it is important to execute our plans as quickly as possible.